Our Uniqueness is that WE understand yours.

Let’s redefine yours to impress others. Let’s craft an enhaced impression!

Individual Solutions

“Mirror Mirror on the wall… who is the prettiest of all?” goes a famous line from one of a fable. While the story is imaginary, the feelings are real. All of us want to look good. Feel good. Every time we see ourselves – be it in a mirror or via someone else’s perception.

* We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.

  • Personal Styling +

    Know your style

    So many times it happens that we literally don’t know whether that style, that garment or that haircut suits us or not. This is a very comprehensive program.

    What you get:

    A personal coaching session to develop a unique style based on your lifestyle needs, roles & goals in life.You learn the strategies of styling, ensuring you never make style mistakes again. You learn about your face and body shape, proportions and scale, and the structure of clothing and accessories that will suit your physical attributes.

    You also discover such things as the type of fabrics that suit your body type and much more… You receive your own Personal Style Portfolio.

  • Workable Wardrobe +

    Wardrobe Audit

    So as the famous saying goes ” We use 20% of the clothes, 80% of the times”. Isn’t it true. It majorly happens because we don’t plan and place the things in our wardrobe that can used properly.

    We work with you in your wardrobe space to spring-clean out the things that don’t work for you, save the things that do, and work out where the gaps are. You’ll save a ton of money because we create new looks with the things you already have. We help you work out – What to retain, what to revamp and what to retire.

    Where the gaps are those ‘must have’ items that double the number of outfits you can create. Your next purchase priorities ” working with a budget, with an eye on the ‘nice-to-haves’ at a later stage. How to update or give a worthwhile outfit a completely new look.

    Your wardrobe will look organized, you will know exactly where to find everything and you will have a photo record of amazing outfits you never thought you had. It’s like Shopping in your wardrobe

  • Colour Magic +

    Your Personal Colours

    So many times it happens that a particular colour makes your skin glow and some colours make you look dull. We guide you how to use colours to enhance your natural colouring, hightlight your features and most important convey the right messages. Learn which colour combinations make you look healthy, youthful and alert.

    What you get:

    Colour combinations for your skin tone A personal colour profile to take shopping, guaranteeing never to make a poor colour choice again.
    Hair colour advice to suit your complexion. A jewellery audit and advice on your best ‘metals’ and stones. Your essential neutral colours for business suiting Advice on your best colours for building a workable wardrobe

    You also receive :

    A makeup audit to ensure the colours you are wearing are perfect for you – Colours to blend naturally with your complexion. A professional make-up lesson where you will learn application techniques that have you looking you best every day.
    Colour notes and strategies for using your personal colour profile

  • Personal Shopping +

    Shopping with an Expert

    This is all about getting smart with bargains, avoiding sales traps and developing an eye for quality. It’s also about saving you money because you only get what works best on you. This is a fun and practical session with tangible benefits.

    Working within your budget, we help you get: those essential items you need and look good in – the ‘must-haves’. those special pieces that express your unique personality – ‘nice-to-haves’. Those extra pieces which can help you create new look.

  • Get Set Go +

    Travel Packing

    So you have an important conference somewhere followed by an informal get together and client meetings. Do you think of packing everything from your wardrobe for that just in case “I might need”, or suppose First of it’s kind service provided by Image ReDefine. Learn about what to pack and how. We can also pack for you.

    This is an essential service if you:

    are short on time lack the discipline to take only what you really need don’t know how to pack less while still having enough to wear We are here to help you get away to your destination taking only the essentials for every business and social occasion. And you still get to take your action-wear and something special. With a little planning, we will alleviate all the stress of packing and navigating yourself through the airport with cumbersome baggage.

  • ReDefine in 5 steps +

    Re-Define Yourself:

    5 Steps To Style Success So you don’t have the time and want to have a quick guide to developing a new and ReDefined you

    You will:

    Learn how to plan your wardrobe Find out the magic element you need to know when buying shoes & accessories Learn how to match your ties and shirts and pocket squares. Discover necklines and clothing styles that best suit you Get to know how to shop wisely Have your own Personal Style Portfolio as a reference guide Be advised on skin-care and makeup colours that best suit your complexion.

  • Grooming & Makeup +

    Skin & Hair products are highest selling products across the world…


    Well because we all love to look young and fresh, we all believe what the promoters of the product want us to believe. While a certain brand promises glow in one week, another one says in a day. Join this session on Hair & Makeup and understand your skin type, your skin tone, the products that will fit your budget. This program concentrates only on Skin Care, Hair Care & Makeup – Natural + Glamorous

    What you get:

    A personal coaching session on Step by step Makeup lesson Understanding of the correct process for Makeup application Products guide and information for your skin and hair type Proper guide to daily skin maintenance regime

    *If you want us to buy products, they will be charged at cost.

  • Customized Workshop +

    Personal Customized Workshops

    So you are a group of friends or colleagues or parents who want their kids to know the importance of Image Management & Visual Communication. We offer half or full day seminars designed specifically with your need’s in mind. We will work to create a learning experience that is productive, valuable and inspiring.

    Some of the topics we offer:

    Projecting an Impactful Impression Communicate through your clothes – Understand the power of Visual Communication
    Body Shape Analysis – Dress according to Body shape, Countering & Reinforcing Techniques. Power Dressing, Glam up casuals, Friday Dressing, Day to Night Look – Color, Patterns, Texture, Line & Shape for Corporate & Social attire.
    Understanding Personal Style – ReDefine your style and not copying from a fashion magazine. Tricks to maximize your looks – the cheat sheet of looking good Grooming and Makeup tips – be radiant through the day and shine in the evening Image Makers & Breakers – the things you did not know that mattered!!!

  • Etiquette & Body Language Sessions +

    All of us want to look good. Feel good. Every time

Let’s redefine yours to impress others. Let’s craft an enhaced impression!

Educational Institutes

Whether in their teens or early twenties – students across age group face different pressures in the form of peers groups, studies, interviews, new step in corporate culture. In an increasingly competitive market, it is important for us to prepare our next generation to focus on the right Image Management.

Schools – Teens Management

Peer Pressure, Social Media hazards, Bollywood influence and many more… All of this put together with their age and it get difficult to make them understand. We have various fun activities instead of regular classroom training mode.
Some of the topics covered are :

  • Importance of first impressions
  • The impact of image and why an effective and pulled together image = power and confidence
  • The consequences of a negative image
  • Image and self-esteem
  • Establishing poise, presence and confidence
  • Fashion Influencers: The Impact of them, Who they are, and whether they are appropriate role models
  • Dressing for Different Occasions: School/Social/ Casual
  • Travel Safety
  • Internet etiquettes
  • Gender neutral etiquettes
  • Dealing with Emergencies
  • The most powerful martial arts technique of all time – DON’T BE THERE!
  • Personal boundary safety rules
  • Setting and reinforcing personal boundaries
  • Dealing with inappropriate touching

Colleges & Post Graduate Institutes

India’s emergence as a potential economic and social power rests on the Indian youth. “National Skills Policy” in 2009 which has set a target of imparting skills training to 500 million, by 2022. – National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

“Most capable men and women are disqualified from job opportunities because they do not look the part.”

In an increasingly competitive job market, where internships and the first employer your students go on to join will impact their long-term career and success, we help students stand out and make a positive first impression at their very first interview.


  • Past 8 years of working in Executive Search Firms in filling senior level mandates for Corporate Houses have helped Jainee Gandhi in realizing how to build a bridge between Fresh out of college students and the company requirements.
  • Our module offerings are completely customized to the audience and we will tailor make material and mode of presentation to your requirement.
  • We can visit your campus prior to the commencement of the campus placement week to get your students interview ready. With it being one of the most important and eagerly anticipated events on the university calendar, we can ensure it turns out to be a success for you and your students.

    Services are offered via:

  • Group Coaching – Workshops on varied concepts of image management for teachers and students alike. Preparing them as brand ambassadors of the institute’s vision.
  • Tailored Image Classes – Focused areas of training on key relevant areas like body language, grooming, etiquette, communication, social networking, peer pressures, CV management, etc.

Let’s redefine yours to impress others. Let’s craft an enhaced impression!

Corporate Programs

Our Image Counts – For our company, our team and us.

With so much competition in the market, our professional presentation and business image are more important than ever. Through skills training, expert advice and hands on support, Image ReDefine can enable you to maximize your impact, visual presence and social behavior, so they maximize the opportunities to succeed.

  • Drivers / Benefits for your Organization:

  • How

  • Employees to project a positive image of your company appropriate to its stature.
  • Increase of employee confidence
  • Positive perception of the brand
  • Smarter presentations within offices
  • Influence touch points outside your company
  • Projecting a professional image, that reinforces the company’s values
  • By enhancing knowledge on appropriate dressing
  • Right grooming
  • Body language
  • Winning trust of the people
  • Right Etiquette
  • Interpersonal skills

Level Based Customized Workshops

Depending on the level of employees or designations, the workshop are customised.

  • Entry Level Induction Sessions: focuses on basics of dressing, grooming, etiquette’s & communication. Will be customized based on organizational policies.
  • Mid-Level Management Reinforcement Sessions: focus on right dressing based on personal body shapes and lifestyle, scenario based dressing, grooming habits for immaculate self projection, essential global etiquette’s  Customized sessions to imbibe values necessary for personnel to move to next level.
  • Senior Management Sessions: Dressing based on global trends / 4 levels of international style scale, customized grooming / etiquette’s on specific areas – by experts in that area. Focus will be more on bespoke, situational, cross-cultural & international impression management techniques.

Flexible workshop modules

Employees are the basic pall bearers of the company image and it is essential for them to be well aware of the science and art of managing their image / appearance.

Every organisation has a different view of how they want their employees to project a winning Image.

With Flexible workshop Modules,

  • We can merge in to your training program as per your need.
  • Sessions can be personalized to geaographical nuances – catering your organizations various locations.

CSR Initiatives

Corporate Social Responsibility, forms an integral part of every organisation. As a part of our CSR we designing services for non-corporate area of your organisation

Executive Presence

We groom the corporates Senior Management on a one on one basic to have an impactful Executive Presence.

  • We can merge in to your training program as per your need.
  • Sessions can be personalized to geaographical nuances – catering your organizations various locations.

Let’s redefine yours to impress others. Let’s craft an enhaced impression!


I’ve always known I wanted to be more socially conscious. It was just a matter of finding a cause that spoke and resonated with me. It is pleasure in contributing what has been instilled in me to those who in some shape or form can benefit as a result.

Image Redefine works with NGO’s with kids / students from modest backgrounds and women to help them in confidence building, relationship management, decode the modern world, nuances of personal grooming, body language, etiquette’s, communications, etc.

Let’s redefine yours to impress others. Let’s craft an enhaced impression!