I believe that our appearance can only enhance what lies within – what we inherently are! 


Time & experience has strengthened my belief in the five-second rule – that people form an opinion in the first five seconds of meeting you. The remainder of the interaction is only spent in re-affirming the first impressions. So what is important is managing your image at that first opportunity. Hence, when I work with individuals I work with the existing raw material – who you are beneath. A lasting impression is only a substantiation of the first, and that comes from your thoughts, values and beliefs. I refine your persona with your aspirations as the core drivers.


This is the philosophy that my image management practice at Image Redefine rests on. My work with you will encompass presenting your true self in a manner you desire. You shall continue to be the rock star you are, just snazzier!

In my experience as a headhunter, I have interacted with people across geographies and societal backgrounds. And I noticed an amazing similarity in those who would reach just short of the goals they are destined for. The uniformity began and ended with an image that that could do with some professional help in sending across the right message. While nothing beats knowledge and talent, the right attire, behavioral skills and communication is the qualifier that corporates, businesses and society today, look for.


In my half a decade as an image consultant, I have been working with individuals and corporates, ranging from family members of big industrialists, successful business owners, entrepreneurs, senior level and budding professionals, homemakers and even students. The key in all remains the same – personalized discussions and services. No single stroke for all, as far as style is concerned. Isn’t it? Taking from this core thought, I work with you on aspects including lifestyle evaluation, body shape assessment, color suitability, wardrobe analysis, personal shopping, etiquette and personal grooming, communication workshops, event styling and multi-level dressing skills as part of our journey together.


So, I welcome you on this journey of self re-discovery.


Warm Regards,
Jainee Gandhi
Founder and Principal Consultant

Let’s redefine yours to impress others. Let’s craft an enhanced impression!


Let’s redefine yours to impress others. Let’s craft an enhanced impression!

Let’s see what our clients say



Mr. Rajesh Mehra


Jainee has helped me understanding why grooming right , dressing for role is as much important as having technical skills. From choosing the correct shirt to ties, cufflinks , to what patterns suits me, everything got sorted. The stye file that she gave at the end of my sessions with her is my ready recknor, to be used when in doubt.

Mrs. Vandana.


Jainee has changed the way i look at my wardrobe. Had gained couple of kilos post child birth and she made me fall in love with my body. Her concept of Self Image & Body body are such eyeopeners, the way she styles her clothes inspired me to style my clothes everytime i met her. Jainee i wish you all the best in everything you do.

Ms.Abha Shah


I met Jainee at a networking meet and it changed the way i perceived Image Consultants. She is so clear in her thought process. Even before, i signed her up, she had a plan ready for me. My major need was the wardrobe clutter, and instead of just tossing my clothes away, she gave some wonderful ideas of how i can re-use them. I went through the whole process of personal branding as an entrepreneur with her and they were eye opening. I would recommend everyone to atleast attend her Styling sessions. Like she always says “Invest in your clothes, don’t spend” .

Geetika Chaddha

Image Consultant – Hyderabad

I had the opportunity to attend Ms.Jainee’s training sessions at Hyderabad and it was a wonderful experience. She is a very cheerful person and a thorough professional. Her sense of style, knowledge and passion for people makes her a promising image consultant. What i gained from her training sessions was beyond books and theory.It is the knowledge that comes with experience from a well read, impeccable image consultant. Thanks for imparting your valuable knowledge and guidance. Way to go!!!